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New Faker? Poll finds not, this League of Legends stars career was over before it began.

Invitational World Championship 2022

“He just doesn’t have the right mindsent”

Squires – Retired Pro League of Legends Jungler

Tim “GryfOkami” Burton (not affiliated with Tim Burton of animated fame) recently took to the main stage in his first event as a pro League of Legends player in the Toronto Worlds Invitational tournament hosted by Riot Games. However things did not turn out exactly how they were planned by Tim… He was moved off the rotation at the last minute to an unexpected position… WATERBOY.

This comes after recent allegations of “feeding” have come out from multiple sources. This source has been verified by our League of Legends eSports coordinator and we have decided to withhold this information at this time out of respect to Tim’s family.

More information will follow as this story continues to develop.

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