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National Hero Brittney Griner Released!

Britney Grinder at the world Championship 2019

A national basketball superstar has been released from an unidentified Russian Penal Colony in a small prisoner exchange with Russia. This landmark deal has been criticized by MAGApublicans as being too forgiving on Russian prisoners.

Griners terrible living condition in Russian prison

The following prisoners have been swapped with Russia for the release of Brittney Griner

  • Viktor Bout – (Selling weapons to enemies of the united states, including anti aircraft weapons)
  • John Wick – (77 homicides, including agents of the united states homeland security)
  • Aleksey Tsvetkov – (Russian Mobster sentenced to 16 years in prison for Racketeering)
  • Viktor Zelinger – (Russian Mobster sentenced for Racketeering)

The above Russian citizens have been released from U.S custody along with 33 undisclosed prisoners that have not been disclosed at this time.

This news shocks the nation as the entire nation has mourned for the release of their most cherished basketball star. After all of the turmoil she has been through she will be coming home safe. We will be following the story and will provide updates as we receive them.

There is no news on former Marine and accused spy Paul Whelan at this time, please note we will write another article for Paul if we receive any updates. Biden has decided to tackle more important heros with this prisoner swap and is open to discussion in the future about possibly working with Russia to release Paul.

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