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David Hogg’s Final Proposal

David Hogg is a man of many opinions and frequently known for being correct. He is renowned for his survival of the Parkland Florida massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and being an upstanding citizen that was rejected from many ivy league colleges. Today, he makes his mark on society by what he claims is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

His Proposal

With increasing deaths per year, activist David Hogg proposes a new heartfelt attempt to minimize mental illness among teenagers. Hogg boldly supports a Bill constructed of misconstrued values that pushes forward with helping our younger generation properly develop their mental construct. Through long deliberations and hours of research they have come to the conclusion that the banning of these devices from the hands of children will have a positive impact on the limbic system. The limbic system is key for humans to understand and portray emotions and this ban targets the proper development of it. However genius this may be he receives strong criticism from the neo-nazis on the right. They claim that it is a child’s right to possess a large capacity super-gun that is capable of firing a thirty magazine clip of nerf darts towards their victims in half a second.

Deadly large capacity supergun.

 “Myself and a team of scientists have paired up to study the very stimulus point during a child’s life in which they experience interaction with toys. These toys have high capacity Nerf magazines that will make boo boo’s from any range.” – David Hogg

With high hopes, he plans to make a positive change to the world one way or another. We contacted the Whitehouse for comment, but yet again they refused to reply. This is likely due to Trumps outrageous plan to arm teachers.


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