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Hunter Biden Spotted at Jeffrey Epstein Island Among other Celebs

Sunday, July 4th –

Hunter Biden was spotted on an aerial drone video attending a gathering of people mourning the death of Jeffrey Epstein. He was spotted outside of the temple on a cigarette break from a routine civilian drone pass. This marks the 10th concecutive weekend he has spent on the island

Hunter Biden takes to social media to show off his Beach Bod

[hes] a down-to-earth, get-the-job-done guy

Bill Clinton on Joe Biden (Hunter’s Father)

Is it possible Hunter isn’t as “down-to-earth” as his father? We can’t possibly know, there is too much right wing propeganda about his laptop to learn more about this seemingly amazing man.

Many assume by all of the traffic on and off the island that many celebs have turned this island into a hangout spot since the tragic death of Jeffrey Epstein. Perhaps we shall never know what they are visiting, we do know that Epstein is in fact NOT on the island

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