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Jeb Bush Announces a Greener 2024 Presidential Bid

Earlier this evening Jeb Bush announced his bid for the 2024 presidential trail. As opposed to his last run that relied heavily on his brothers legacy, this time he chose to run on something a little greener. Guacamole, a fresh and crisp alternative recipe, turned out to be much, much better. The recipe was much better than any of the other candidates, with all the subtle changes and enhancements to the traditional sweet, with a couple of tweaks to the sugar substitute.

There have been some interesting additions, but most notable of all, is Guacadillo’s recipe for the pineapple. Its texture is of just right. As with most ingredients here, you need only one. On the island of Cocos, the coconut oil provides a nice complement to the chile sauce that accompanies Guacadillo

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