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Trump Refuses to Help Nigerian President

Yesterday marked another day where our president acted out of self greed instead of the American peoples wishes once again. He met with Prince Abassi from Nigeria at the Whitehouse according to his twitter.

President Trump and Prince Abassi

The topic at hand would appear to be one that Nigeria is not too happy about, but we as Americans have trouble understanding. This issue doesn’t normally effect the United States as we’re too far from the originiation
of it. Usually only felt as far as mid Asia and Russia, this ‘bug’ does tremendous damage not only physically to humans, but to their mental state. It is known for putting humans into a deep trance of frustration.
We quoted one man who has witnessed relatives affected by the bug:

You’re a f*cking prick. Honestly, it’s not fun to play like this. – Man in erratic mood

Scientists from the University of Yale have been investigating this phenomenon for some time now and decided to give it a name. We’re speaking of the `lag desync bug.` The term coined with Prince Abassi in mind. The term originates from the tendency of people from the region of Nigeria to be slow or delayed from reality. Another man was quoted about how it feels and they said:

Dude, every time I see people I just freeze up It’s bullsh*t – Man with lag desync bug

Trump and Prince Abassi of Nigeria had a very lengthy discussion on this during their meeting on April 29th. Trump came to the conclusion that he doesn’t care because it primarily affects people from the African region.
Prince Abassi pleaded with him to help eliminate the lag desync bug and that he would be willing to even let the founder of the internet Al Gore be the lead investigator on it. But not to any of our surprise the president
refused Prince Abassi’s request out of pure racism.

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