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Starbucks Offers Free Coupons In Light Of Racial Descrimination

Starbucks is under the microscope of public scrutiny once again for their recent portrayal of racial descrimination. However, instead of facing criticism for their liberal agenda, Starbucks is under intense criticism from activist groups such as Black Lives Matter for the recent arrests which took place in a Philadelphia Starbucks. Two young, good boys were minding their own business, and had not done anything wrong, such as loitering, to deserve being trespassed from the Starbucks property. The two were even arrested, after a call to the police was placed by the manager of the Starbucks.

The blowback against Starbucks has been staggering. Many have called for a boycott against the brand, promising to never order from them again. One user on Twitter writes:

“Dis [sic] shiet [sic] be out of control, a brotha [sic] can’t do nuthin [sic] without being harassed by whitey! When is slavery going to be elegalized [sic], and these white honkeys gon be rounded up into camps?”

“I don’t see the big deal behind the arrests at Starbucks. If the two men were trespassing, and refused to leave, then they should have been arrested.”
(note: the author of the previous tweet has been suspended from Twitter for harassment.)

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As the result of the controversy around this situation, Starbucks has reportedly begun to prepare all of their stores in the U.S. to be trained in racial sensitivity. In addition, Starbucks has promoted a campaign for free drinks, starting from April 20, 2018, until May 1, 2018.


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