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Gun Violence Plummeting In Chicago Under Trump Administration

Chicago has become the latest hot bed for Trump’s systematic racism. Effecting colored individuals indiscriminately, be they African Individuals, Dreamers or Pajeet. Thanks to his other terrifying policies introduced during his current one and a half year reign over us, colored individuals have been forced well below the bread line causing gang culture and gun violence to reduce.

Many Trumpist’s seem to think that gang activity is down to his good doing, by supporting the lower, middle classes, but we are all aware and know the truth! It is only via exploiting those so poor that they can no longer take part in their basic gang rituals, theft, battery, murder all have seen drops in activity and that is not okay America. Is it too much, for these people to have their basic rights; to feel at home in their own towns! Gather with their friends and families, to have a place of community and belonging?

men questioned

So we took to the streets.

We decided to go to the core of the problem, one of Chicago’s most hard hit areas with gun violence: MLK blvd. We asked local gang members for comment, one responded;

“Dang bro, we so broke out here like you know what I’m saying like you cannot come here cause usually we all like ‘ahah’ yeah you so broke and that is on ‘BD’.” (source: center man in orange/red shirt)

When we really get down to the raw facts, these individuals are now too poor to even afford their basic tools of choice for performing their standard rituals that they are entitled to. They are so broke they cannot even afford hipoint pistols, common among inner city Chicago.

Our office attempted to make contact with the White House for comment, but they declined. However we all know that means that something is going on; denying request’s to comment prove guilt.

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